“Monsoon Game Utilities” Made Public

Greetings, Unity 3D game developers! Tonight we went ahead and packaged up something new on the site. You’ll find it in the new Development > Monsoon page. It’s just a few pieces of our in-house scripts we use during game development we call Monsoon Game Utilities. To start off, we’ve released two of the utilities we are currently using for SeedScape. More may come soon.

For more information, check out the page by clicking here or using the navigation above.

We’re always happy to assist the game design community in any way we can. These tools are ways we have of minimizing common game design headaches with smart scripts that automate messy tasks. They may be updated periodically; they are constantly being tweaked, optimized, and upgraded as our needs change.

We’re on the lookout for community translators for SeedScape!

If you’re bilingual, have impeccable grammar, and one of those… um, linguals… is English, you may be in luck!

If all goes well, SeedScape will release at the end of 2015. Before then, we would love to pack as many quality translations into the game as possible. The community is always a wonderful source of volunteers when it comes to localizing their favorite games because they care about accuracy.

Our goal is to select one perfect candidate for each language. But first, let’s list the languages we have in mind.

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

If you speak another language not listed, we would love to include it, so don’t go far! These are just the languages we have primarily in mind. We also will be translating the game to Russian, which we already have someone for. Россияне, радуйтесь!

A perfect candidate deeply understands English as well as their other language. When presented with a challenge, such as a saying or reference, you must be creative enough to either rewrite the line to fit the game or to know that saying or reference in the other language.

If you only dabble in enough Japanese to watch your favorite anime, or only took a year of Spanish in high school, or aren’t otherwise able to comfortably converse in both languages, this won’t be the right project for you. If you’ve been inundated in both languages however, we would love to know what you can do! You can contact us at team@dapperswine.com if this is something that excites you.

And did we mention that our volunteer translators will receive a free Steam key for SeedScape when it releases, as well as earn a place in the credits? It’s true!

Get these collectible SeedScape shirts before they’re gone!

Screenshot 2015-06-18 04.02.11Some time ago we launched a Teespring campaign selling the first collectible item for SeedScape, shirts with a “Seedbro” design by Dan Mapplethorpe featuring the Sprout fully decked out in some silly gaming attire with junk food at the ready. The profit from all sales goes directly into making SeedScape greater and fueling our resolve as we continue to work hard. These shirts are only available for a limited time though, so get them before they’re gone! As of now, there are only 5 days left to get yours. Click here to head over to Teespring and customize one for yourself! They come in a variety of colors and styles, including hoodies.

SeedScape to Release in Q4 2015

Originally, SeedScape’s projected release was to be sometime around Q2 this year. This was decided late last year, and as we all know early development predictions about release dates are never that great, and never 100% accurate!

The game certainly isn’t going to be released in Q2 as we’re in its midst with the game still far from finished, but we think Q4 is a safer bet. As always, we will continue to update everyone on the game’s progress via Twitter and our Steam page. And hey, wouldn’t it be a cool thing to get for Christmas?

We also wanted to know that we have some exciting stuff going on at playseedscape.com, like cool Sprout papercrafts and our first promotional item, a SeedScape shirt by Dan Mapplethorpe. A whole line of collectors items have begun! Proceeds from the shirt will help us immensely in our continued development of the game, and the papercraft is of course free for you to download, print, and assemble.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dapperswine

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=340877105

SeedScape over 90% of the way to the Top 100 in just 1 Week!

We want to thank you all deeply for your enormous response on SeedScape’s Greenlight page. In just 1 week we have gone up to over 90% of the way to the top 100, and so the game’s Greenlighting is imminent!

Just as a reminder, the game won’t release until it’s finished. That day is still some time off (anticipating Q2 2015) but we will totally keep you all up to date on development as it continues. If you’d like to take part in our official forums here at dapperswine.com or our Steam forums on the Greenlight page, we’d love to answer questions and chat with you when we have the time. We’d also like to remind people that the official SeedScape Wiki is up and we welcome you to add information to it as it becomes available.

We’ll see you later, and for now it’s back to work!

SeedScape Announced!

By now, everyone knows that SeedScape is our next game, but details will be scarce until November 20th when we do a debut live stream of the game. To aid in getting viewers packed into the stream, we started a Thunderclap campaign 24 hours ago. In less than 5 hours the Thunderclap had already reached 100% support, and as of writing is nearing 200%! With still a week and change left to go, we hope to see it continue to roll over on itself as we build excitement.

If you’d like to sign up for our Thunderclap, you can click here. It’s completely free and you can use your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account (or all three!). The thunderclap rings out one hour before the stream occurs on November 20th at 5pm CST.

In the meantime, we’ve added SeedScape forums to our community message board. You can start talking about the game right now if you’d like in anticipation of the live stream. Maybe we’ll hang out with you and drop some clues along the way!

The Dapper Swine Bulletin is live!

That’s right, you can now sign up for our newsletter by clicking the link in the navigation bar above. The newsletter is called The Dapper Swine Bulletin and will contain great breaking information about what we’re working on, the status of our projects, special offers, and possibly even first-dibs beta invitations. It also will keep you up to date with some of the latest news articles that we post straight to dapperswine.com. All you need to provide is your e-mail address and we’ll get you all linked up!

And hey, we might be announcing some cool stuff soon in our first newsletter… just sayin’!

Only 12 Hours To Pay What You Want for Blasted Fortress

Several days ago, Blasted Fortress went on a Pay What You Want deal at Indie Game Stand; we’ve experienced some great success during that time, boosting our Greenlight votes and raising money for Charity: Water.

Now’s the time to get in on this great deal if you haven’t already, as there are only 12 hours remaining. You can get Blasted Fortress for as little or as much as you want, and you’ll also gain access to exclusive bonus levels available only to Indie Game Stand buyers who have beat the average price (or who have bought the game at full price when the deal is over).

What’s more, the Top 10 contributors to the Pay What You Want deal will all be receiving 2 additional free game keys in their e-mail after the deal is over; you can give these keys out to your friends, and they’re Indie Game Stand keys so they’ll have access to the bonus content, too.

The success of sales like this matter and have had a real, tangible impact for Dapper Swine Games. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be using 100% of these funds to upgrade our engine software; this means bigger, better games in the future as we continue on our path. Thank you!

Blasted Fortress 1.14 Out Now, Here Are The Details

Right in time for the Indie Game Stand 1-week Summer Sale, Blasted Fortress 1.14 has arrived! From now until next week, the game will be 40% off at Indie Game Stand. To celebrate, let’s get some patch notes together! Here’s everything we did.

  • Added even more new sound effects to things that were a little too quiet.
  • Added mouse control to the cannon. This replaces keyboard controls. The cannon now automatically rotates to face wherever you’re aiming the reticule with your mouse. Right mouse button charges and fires the cannon so that left click can still be used to click different ammo types and to click the voodoo power buttons.
  • Updated the engine to Unity 4.5. Some changes to the physics engine necessitated a few tweaked values so that physics would behave the same. However, the engine update should provide an overall boost to performance.
  • Found many instances of unoptimized code (usually in scripts written over a year ago) and optimized them all. Performance was always super good, now it will just be super good-er.
  • The cannon will now fire projectiles far more powerfully when fully charged. We did this so that a fully powered shot would (more or less) fly wherever the reticule is pointing. As a side effect, where a shot will land is a little more predictable and sieges should feel a little more action-y.
  • All block health was increased across the board to compensate for the fact that projectiles will now be shot faster (and thus deal more impact damage). Blocks will still break faster from impacts overall, but will break slower from barrel explosions, fire, etc.
  • There is a serious bug with physics inertia and bouncing in Unity 4.5; we have temporarily plugged the problem by adding our own rudimentary inertia and bounce calculations, and hopefully we can hotfix later with an engine update when these issues are repaired internally by the Unity team. Gameplay shouldn’t be too noticeably affected in the meantime.
  • The game’s intro/tutorial text has been updated to reflect the new mouse-driven cannon controls.

As promised, mouse control is now the new way to control the cannon. You’ll enjoy much more precision and many less key presses.

We will post a hotfix for the inertia calculation bug in Unity as soon as the Unity team patches the engine, so expect that as soon as possible too.

What’s Coming in Patch 1.14 for Blasted Fortress

The 1.14 update for Blasted Fortress doesn’t add new content like many of its predecessors, but it’s no slouch either. This particular update, slated to drop sometime this week, handles one issue in particular.

Blasted Fortress is ultimately a mouse-driven game. Menus and clickables abound, but then we do something strange and plunge you into a siege with nothing but your keyboard to do battle. It lacks a tactile feel, and doesn’t use the strengths of PC controls.

In 1.14, the cannon will be converted into being controlled exclusively with the mouse. A right mouse click will charge and fire the cannon, and during a siege your cursor will become a reticule; where it goes, your cannon automatically aims. Cool!

To help smooth over this change, we’ve also increased the speed at which projectiles are blown out of the cannon so that at max power, a projectile should fly more or less where you’ve aimed the reticule.

We’ll have some other changes ready for the 1.14 update, but we’ll save those for patch day later this week. Take care until then!