Blasted Fortress 1.1 Progress Report


It’s no secret that Blasted Fortress didn’t get the reception it deserved on launch day. We spent a long time on the graphics, and that was a problem; assets created years apart caused a very jarring consistency and quality gap. At the beginning of January we set out to do something fairly unprecedented for any game (let alone one that was already released), which was to completely overhaul every single visual aspect of the game while leaving most of the gameplay intact.

January is far from over, but we’re getting close to done. Along the way, we also added a few new features here and there as well as tightened up a ton of game mechanics, improved certain visual effects, etc.

What can you expect from 1.1 so far? Here’s the rundown.

  • Totally redesigned all graphics as 2D sprites of roughly SNES quality.
  • Interface was also totally redesigned. This includes streamlining and beautification of things that looked messy before such as tooltips, the workshop, and things of that nature.
  • The ore merchant no longer sprays gold/ore, which required you to imprecisely hold a mouse button to trade resources. It is now a GUI that allows you to simply decide everything you want to trade, and then click a confirmation button.
  • New feature: Minigames! It’s unknown whether we’ll do more in the future, but we’ve added Blasted Fortress’s first minigame, which is the Stegosaurus Slots. Very unlike any other slot machine you’ve seen, carved stone idols spin on a pole and must be stopped with a projectile shot from your cannon. Depending what value is on the front face of the idols, you’ll either be rewarded or get nothing. The stegosaurus is fat and chock full of coins, which he will gladly vomit at you if you’ve earned any.
  • Beast battles have changed.

A few decisions are still being worked on, such as how we alter farming to fit the strict 2D perspective and whether it sees any revamps or upgrades, but we’ll get there when we get there.